Geographic Information Systems, or shortly GIS work with spatial data.

Maps show data in the space, and with the digital era, we have many useful applications of spatial information: cadastral, navigation, businesses nearby, radio network planning.

Alfatek Intelligence has people with experience in development and administering Geographic Information Systems, as well as creating digital spatial data (vectorisation).


One Stop Shop for GIS Data

This systems offer online shopping of data from a country’s Real Estate Cadastre

  • Land ownership certificates. Delivery as hard copy certificate and digital document
  • Topographic points
  • Administrative borders
  • Parcel ownership information
  • Cadastral plans
  • Cadastral documents
  • Cadastral services subscription
  • Geodetic points
  • Infrastructure networks (Water, Sewage, Telecommunication, Electricity, Roads)
  • Metadata browser

Water Supply GIS viewer

Water Supply GIS Viewer is a GIS application for Water Supply company which uses it as an online tool for viewing the water supply network of the city region, and also serves as an application for handling defects. The application shows pipes, water meters, valves with corresponding symbols and information of ownership (of the water meter), type.

NSDI – National Spatial Database of Infrastructure

Application that gathers all important spatial data in one country. There are layers of data in several groups: Population, Roads, Water network, Energy, Natural Resources. These groups have many spatial layers which are provided by different ministries of the country. There is metadata viewer that explains the layers. The data is organized according to the INSPIRE directive.

Management Crisis Center App

Application for tracking crisis events as fires, floods, epidemics. Also, materials for fighting crisis. Replicated in two countries.

Concessions of Natural Resources

Application for registering concessions for exploiting land resources as water, mines with various ores (ex. coal, copper, lignite, gold). The application has a GIS part which display the borders of the land in concession and also document related part for managing applications for the concessions and annual payments and excavations tracking.


  • Streets
  • Parcels
  • Houses
  • Heat islands

Administration of Climatology database

Migration of data to a new version of climatology database.